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I just put whatever here :) PFP is by me


ohfish 😶 30 days ago

I feel off today...

ohfish ✏️ 33 days ago

Ugh I dont wanna go to class

ohfish 😎 36 days ago

First day of a new uni semester, lets gooo!!!

ohfish 🌧️ 37 days ago

I <3 the rain

ohfish 🤩 40 days ago

Time to watch X-files and play Mario Kart

ohfish 🌙 40 days ago

It is one in the morning. To sleep or play video games?

ohfish 💻 42 days ago

Finally making my website!

ohfish ✏️ 42 days ago

I love you GIMP <3

ohfish 💾 43 days ago

My knowlege of python is advancing so fast compared to when I tried to learn java lol

ohfish 💾 44 days ago

Ok gonna study python

ohfish 😭 44 days ago

HELP I HAVE TOO MUCH I WANNA DO!!! I have ideas for my site, I wanna study python, play minecraft, draw, knit!!!! this is ADHD hellscape D:

ohfish 🥰 45 days ago


ohfish 🙃 45 days ago

I spent ages on my make up and I think I hate it

ohfish 🥰 47 days ago

I got a really cute pink deer decoration in the afte xmas sale. + got a new sketchbook

ohfish 🥱 48 days ago

Finally back at Uni! Very tired tho

ohfish 📖 50 days ago

Reading "The Guy She Was Intreasted in Wasn't a Guy At All" again...