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Found this little website and i plan to say my little silly thoughts. They call me The Drift King and still keep that title to this day. he/him


ofresco 🎶 126 days ago

ska punk goes so hard holy shit

ofresco ☀️ 164 days ago

man the weeks are flying by..

ofresco 😎 181 days ago

listening to DA MUSIC.... this is great

ofresco 😭 192 days ago

i hate this weather... why can't it be summer already! i have Hawaiian shirts to wear!

ofresco 👽 223 days ago

on my minecraft obsession that will last the next two weeks, cant wait to play with my amigos

ofresco 🥰 223 days ago

Finally finished all my exams! now it's time to wait for Christmas...

ofresco 😇 226 days ago

no class this week... time to do what I do best, nothing!

ofresco 😴 232 days ago

damn got an exam and a presentation tomorrow even though i was planning to do nothing today. :(