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occultsheep 🎶 123 days ago

listening to hatsune miku orchestra :3 love u miku love u yellow magic orchestra

occultsheep 🐶 167 days ago

read a book out loud to my doggie :3 idk if she liked it but she was rather cozy in my lap anyway

occultsheep ✏️ 167 days ago

note to self; jukebox musical with john entwistle's solo discography for the soundtrack. plot undetermined at this time.

occultsheep 😛 248 days ago

on this ep of "procrastinating on my homework"; biking to the store and making garlic confit

occultsheep 💔 271 days ago

the amt of bug bites on my feet currently is making me feel murderous a little bit

occultsheep 😡 284 days ago

fiberglass splinter in my finger from the stupid ass mop at my job owie

occultsheep ☕️ 286 days ago

cofey time bc i have to werq tonight fml my life

occultsheep 😭 287 days ago

i need to cut my hairrr but the clippers are faucking broken need to buy new one ;(

occultsheep ☕️ 288 days ago

cleaned my little french press after not using it for a while and had a delightful coffee :)