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Gamer. He/him.


obspogon 📖 294 days ago

just finishing up my semester

obspogon 🎮 307 days ago

going through wario land 3

obspogon 😎 452 days ago

chostin on cohost.org

obspogon 🙂 517 days ago

fine now, but also trying to catch up tp too much

obspogon 💀 578 days ago

college work is kicking my ass

obspogon 📖 616 days ago

dealing with college

obspogon ✨ 630 days ago

Got a new phone

obspogon 📰 635 days ago

Integrating the zonelet with the rest of my site

obspogon ☕ 638 days ago

Got sick but am feeling better. Happy new year.

obspogon 😴 640 days ago

All that's left is to wait until the new year

obspogon 💾 641 days ago

Playing through BLOOM (Doom mod)

obspogon ☕ 644 days ago

Now what to do next?

obspogon 🙂 646 days ago

Enjoy the holidays. Now what to do next?

obspogon 🙂 655 days ago

Working on the kits pages

obspogon 🙂 657 days ago

Going to finally make a new curation page

obspogon 😴 658 days ago

wondering what to do now

obspogon 📖 663 days ago

College finals