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hi i'm martyn and i liek cats


o8archive 🤖 34 days ago

there is nothing more tragic in this world than when your crush has a girlfriend (and it isn't you)

o8archive 💡 35 days ago

back on my neocities gRIND

o8archive 😱 118 days ago

lowkey about to delete my site

o8archive 🔥 126 days ago

whipping andf naenaeing lately

o8archive 🤩 131 days ago

i miss playing toca life when i was 8 years old

o8archive 🎱 139 days ago

i love rage rooms

o8archive 🤩 146 days ago

if i die in evade one more time i will kill myself (in real life)(real)(3am)(not fake)

o8archive 🍾 151 days ago

i need 2 pee real bad but all of the bathrooms r occupied i hate this household