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welcome, enjoy a cup of tea


nyan 🛹 21 days ago

Need brain ibuprofen

nyan 💀 25 days ago

just kidding, life is pain forever

nyan 🎶 25 days ago

as long as i got music, im chill!

nyan 🎱 28 days ago

metaphysically intolerable existence

nyan 📚 28 days ago

reading byung-chul han today

nyan ✏️ 82 days ago

drawing again! :3

nyan 😇 83 days ago


nyan 😴 89 days ago

sleepy lately

nyan 🤒 119 days ago

im so so tired im on my last shred of sanity

nyan 📖 176 days ago

i have been reading so much lately

nyan ❄️ 220 days ago

it hailed!

nyan 🎶 240 days ago

i'm at the music library to listen to a jazz jam session!

nyan 🥱 244 days ago

i am not the biggest fan of "flipped classroom model"

nyan ❄️ 252 days ago

im so tired, i want to do so many things like drawing and webdev and blogging, but i feel like napping instead

nyan 💻 264 days ago

i like learning new syntax

nyan ✈️ 268 days ago

i flew back to school.. resuming on monday... here we go

nyan ❄️ 270 days ago

there is a flood and wind warning today... cold!

nyan 🐱 271 days ago

using stylus to customize my fraidycat page -w-

nyan 🌧️ 272 days ago

on my puter... dont wana go back to school!

nyan ✨ 273 days ago

first day of 2023.. let's go!

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