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nya ❤️ 10 days ago

slippin’ jimmy being a fan of all that jazz has kept me awake for three nights in a row

nya 😎 30 days ago

sitting pretty in my bugaboo frog

nya 🤔 88 days ago

homelander is just superhero patrick bateman

nya 🔥 99 days ago

headbanging to the boxer by simon and garfunkel

nya 🤔 101 days ago

the dichotomy of art garfunkel having a beautiful angelic voice but looking utterly demonic, like he’s going to snap at any given moment

nya 🥹 101 days ago

if you catch me listening to simon and garfunkel but only the garfunkel songs… leave me be, i’m going through it

nya 🎶 105 days ago

garf man… bridge over troubled water… perfrct

nya 🙂 111 days ago

little trouble girl is such an iconic song because it brings together the two greatest kims in rock!

nya 😭 115 days ago

perfect world by talking heads

nya 🐶 118 days ago

i wish i was the hair that greg hirsch tucks behind his ear

nya 💀 118 days ago

falling in love with a character played by a shitty person

nya 💀 123 days ago

i apologize if my bell summoned you

nya 🎶 124 days ago

been too long since i last listened to the beautiful masterpiece that is human sadness by the voidz *ascends*

nya 🥹 126 days ago

crying over mark hoffman gifsets

nya 🥺 132 days ago

i utterly, desperately need the hamburglar squishmallow

nya 😭 134 days ago


nya 🧐 142 days ago

the good of the scorpion is not the good of the frog, yes?

nya 🥰 143 days ago

realized that i never liked older men until i got into metal gear solid in 2016 and fell in love with shalashaska ocelot. he changed my life

nya 🤔 145 days ago

i need to update rym with my music collection...

nya 🙃 147 days ago

just found out fiona apple released her discography on vinyl. and i’m broke and can’t buy when the pawn.

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