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im kaz and i like horror and manga


nxcromantik 🎬 75 days ago

i'm sawpilled once again

nxcromantik ✨ 92 days ago

new artworks uploaded on my neocities! :33

nxcromantik πŸ’€ 93 days ago

seeing garth marenghi tonight!!!

nxcromantik 😱 124 days ago

how is mcm london already so close AAAAAH !!! IM NOT READYYYY

nxcromantik 🎬 143 days ago

seeing saw x again today hehe....

nxcromantik πŸ”₯ 150 days ago

ordered one of my biggest grail figures so excited !!!

nxcromantik 🌧️ 155 days ago

rain pls go away... i miss summer already

nxcromantik ✏️ 157 days ago

feeling so underprepared for thr con im tabling at this weekend… so much to do >___<

nxcromantik πŸ₯³ 162 days ago

been one of those weeks... pass the yaoi!!!

nxcromantik 🌈 163 days ago

started watching revolutonary girl utena with my gf !! i luv it so far