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nusya 🎢 136 days ago

I'm working so I won't have to try so hard

nusya πŸ’» 202 days ago

Enjoying time with my online friends

nusya πŸ’€ 256 days ago

I need a break

nusya πŸ’” 261 days ago

Feels like I'm collecting mental illnesses like PokΓ©mon or something

nusya 🌈 264 days ago

Got a headache, but I'm feeling positive so that's good.

nusya 🌧️ 266 days ago

Seeing the coolest mushrooms thanks to all this rain and heat

nusya πŸ™ƒ 268 days ago

Burnt out, can't do anything. How do I rest?

nusya 🎢 274 days ago

New job going fine I think. Socializing more than normal, feeling a little tired but good.

nusya 🌱 276 days ago

The other day was my birthday, it was typical. I got a sunflower.

nusya 🍺 286 days ago

Happy weekend; healing and peace to everyone

nusya πŸ’” 293 days ago

Still so focused on this boy that isn't even good for me.. Get out of my head so I can move on tyvm

nusya πŸ™ƒ 304 days ago

Apparently I'm doing well at my new job, though I still don't feel very confident

nusya 🌧️ 307 days ago

Don't fall in love with a musician

nusya πŸ’” 309 days ago

Just.. ow

nusya 🎢 311 days ago

All I need is Julian Casablancas voice in my headphones

nusya πŸ’” 312 days ago

Hope can be a dangerous thing sometimes

nusya 😴 313 days ago

Need this insomnia and exhaustion to end