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nushivin 🌈 16 days ago

Started OP2, was a bit hesitant starting right after finishing OP1, but omg it's OP1 on steroids and I <333 Ochette

nushivin 🌈 21 days ago

Just had a fortune cookie; Love is the only feeling that multiplies when shared. Happy pride month! 🌈

nushivin πŸ₯° 22 days ago

Just found out Starcraft II is free to play and runs on my mac! πŸ₯³

nushivin 🀩 26 days ago

Finally finished the first Octopath! I refuse to spend more time grinding for the secret ending, so yes, I finished and enjoyed it ☺️

nushivin πŸ”₯ 28 days ago

Was about to sell my Octopath game, but I'm happy I pushed through with a little grinding. Hooked now and close to finishing it!

nushivin πŸ₯Ή 32 days ago

Found my old blogs from 10+ years back, considering to restore everything in it's full glory and reconnect with my -10years self πŸ€”

nushivin 🌈 35 days ago

Really enjoying the Kingsman movies, great filming! can’t believe I missed them when they came out πŸ˜…

nushivin πŸ₯° 37 days ago

Sea of Stars is my 2024 GOTY. That game got me hooked more than any other in a long time..

nushivin πŸ™‚ 37 days ago

For any completionist reading this. Give up. Break the chains. Go do something you really enjoy.. <3 my new found freedom..

nushivin πŸ™‚ 37 days ago

Omg, I finished all AC in order with 100% & PSN trophies, but after 96 hours I finally gave up on doing the same for Valhalla. Cairns…

nushivin 🐱 38 days ago

yay I’m here! Just got approved. Shoutout to @imverysleepy for inspiring me to join ☺️