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dumbass 21y/o boy from spain


nuru ☀️ 1 day ago

back from the field trip, will return to art and website work sooooon hehe

nuru ☀️ 6 days ago

leaving for a field trip, won't be too active for a week

nuru 📚 14 days ago

final stretch with uni and im done!!! i just wanna draw!!!

nuru 😎 18 days ago

portrait done! time to work on the buttons now :)

nuru 💤 23 days ago

i need to work on the portrait of the website but im busy with uni and family stuff... hopefuly soon i will tackle it

nuru 📚 26 days ago

gonna be busy with uni so updates to the website will be a tad slower

nuru 🌙 27 days ago

rainy days make me feel so tired...

nuru 💻 28 days ago

i am addicted to working on my silly little website even if i have no clue what i'm doing lol