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this is a page mainly used for updating my neocities followers and site viewers on site updates!

age: 17
pronouns: they/them

neocities, insta


nunwithguns 🌙 682 days ago

hello everyone, it's been a while since i last edited the site. i should get back to working on it this weekend-- i haven't been doing well

nunwithguns 😡 697 days ago

im so tired and sleepy i havent had the chance to code at all bc of how busy ive been >:(

nunwithguns 🤒 706 days ago

feeling a lil sick cus i got the third dose of pfizer yesterday so updates will be slow today

nunwithguns 🌙 706 days ago

finished the layout! slowly editing other html's layouts etc etc also changed my about me :)

nunwithguns 🌙 707 days ago

still deciding the new layout, i'm not sure if i like it or not! struggling to find graphics for the site so i might make my own :(