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I'm a jack-of-all-trades, master of none. Some people call me smart but I think that's cause a broken clock is right twice a day, hehshs. Regardless, I do a lot of stuff, writing, drawing, game-making, music-making and whatever else might catch my attention. In general, I like chill lighthearted vibes. Oh, yeah, and I absolutely love all things spooky.


noxy 🙂 29 days ago

I updated awesomesauce, now not only it lets you search neocities, you can search <2010 youtube videos.

noxy 📚 37 days ago

Posted a new short story on my blog

noxy 🙂 50 days ago

I wanna update my page, but losing all my files has left me unmotivated to do so. Maybe If I manage to recover them...

noxy 🌈 55 days ago

New blog post -- A shortstory about nostalgia

noxy 🎲 80 days ago

I been working on games for the past month, I want to finish all of my silly game projects.

noxy 💀 85 days ago

I been working on other projects now that I got my PC so I haven't updated any websites for the time being...

noxy 💀 102 days ago

I been so busy lately I haven't updated any of my sites, oh dear

noxy 🙂 115 days ago

today i wrote a blogpost at my new blog,

noxy 🥰 116 days ago

Today I built a search engine for neocities powered by wiby. I kinda wanna go back to learn tokipona now...

noxy 💔 117 days ago

Today I tried to find myself a writing group, to get feedback and improve my prose. Emphasis on 'tried'.

noxy 🎶 119 days ago

Today I decided to take a break from writing, and learn toki-pona instead. So far it has been really fun!

noxy 😭 119 days ago

I really need to get myself an editor, writing a single chapter, editing and proofreading takes so long!

noxy ✏️ 119 days ago

I have not updated my site, because lately I been spending 8 hours a day working on a novel.

noxy 📚 122 days ago

I just finished The two faces of tomorrow, gosh it made me tear up.

noxy 🌙 122 days ago

I'm about halfway done with this book, I wish I could finish it faster, it's so interesting!

noxy 🙂 124 days ago

Been thinking about chats, chat bubbles with avatars in a 2d environment are far superior than conventional chats, in an organic way.