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Hey i'm Allen, i'm 18. I love being a queer fag, it's the best thing to ever happen to me. I work as a bookstore clerk but it doesn't pay shit. I ride with a Nikon Coolpix S550.

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notelegy 📰 2 days ago

it's awful how much i want to say but can only say indirectly, vaguely, because it seems so damned when i say it out loud

notelegy 📰 3 days ago

i think it's very possible that nylon tattoo sleeves r gonna enter alt fashion at some point soon

notelegy 📰 3 days ago

listened to Garbage's self-titled all the way thru. lots more religious imagery than i was expecting

notelegy 📰 4 days ago

listening to Jeff Buckley at the Bataclan, '95, & i'm not sure what to do with myself

notelegy 📰 6 days ago

thinking so much about ruralisolationshortie & the virtue that is confessional anonymity online

notelegy 📰 6 days ago

been thinking a lot about girlhood and how to take mine back. hurt a rib while working out.

notelegy 📰 16 days ago

very, very excited to see the other two whores of babylon tomorrow

notelegy 📰 19 days ago

no i shouldn't have cut my hair but it's gonna grow out beautifully

notelegy 📰 21 days ago

my therapist told me he could see me w his job even though i told him i can't do psychiatry the same way i can't get paid for making art