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some coding wizard that likes the color blue.


nork 😭 44 minutes ago


nork 💻 1 day ago

currently making my radiohead shrine/fanpage... those white boys wont leave my head...

nork ❤️ 22 days ago


nork 💤 38 days ago

working on remastering the whole site + making it mobile friendly. see you there!!11!

nork 💻 51 days ago

letting it linger ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

nork 💤 67 days ago

i feel so tired

nork 💻 109 days ago

returning to drawing after months of art block. wish me luck

nork 🥰 121 days ago

damon albarn

nork ❄️ 131 days ago

its beginning to get really cold in my house, which sucks since im always cold for some reason...

nork 💤 138 days ago

been feeling okay so far, getting a little bit back on my feeeeet

nork 🌧️ 143 days ago

been feeling weird, like everything around me makes me upset. i hate when i start to feel like this. its unnecessary.

nork 📺 148 days ago

went on a film marathon- whats up with fight club gay ass

nork 🌱 157 days ago

been having a killer splitting headache but im thuggin it out

nork 💻 161 days ago

oough the SAW series wont leave my headddd

nork 🥳 179 days ago

i am now motivated to do shit lol

nork 💔 190 days ago

i feel so unmotivated and overall just don't wanna do anything but lay in bed all day jeezus...

nork 💤 196 days ago

honestly can't wait to get a new pc. cant even run clip studio anymore :(

nork 👽 199 days ago

feeling so unnecessarily drowsy for a while. i need more SLEEEEEEEP

nork 💀 243 days ago

AAAUGH coding is a pain in the ass