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norisowl 💾 97 days ago

I feel so much better!!

norisowl 💾 104 days ago

Bored, need some attention...

norisowl 💾 107 days ago

I hate feeling like I don't exist but that's just how I'm treated...

norisowl 💾 129 days ago

I'll try to get art stuff done.

norisowl 💾 141 days ago

Im so tired. I feel likr nobody likes my stuff...

norisowl 💾 142 days ago

I'm a just work on my comic website and personal art done

norisowl 💾 142 days ago

I probably should've not make a character based off memento mori, it makes people uncomfy

norisowl 💔 143 days ago

I feel like my recent design is a loss :[

norisowl 💾 152 days ago

I feel great!! listening to Will Wood and getting work done!!