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Just a random person (she/her) on the internet.

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nonomino 🥺 14 days ago

I've been so tired and unmotivated lately, I hope those feelings go away soon

nonomino 🤩 25 days ago

I'm sooo excited for autumn

nonomino 😭 31 days ago

Going back to work tomorrow, already... time flew by.

nonomino ❤️ 32 days ago

While searching for Ione on AC:NH, I found Merengue! I love her.

nonomino 🥰 35 days ago

My new joycons are in France! I should get the parcel soon! I'm so excited to be able to play normally after playing with a drift for years!

nonomino 🥰 39 days ago

I'm obsessed with Lotte's choco pies. Yeah I talk about food a lot.

nonomino 🙂 40 days ago

I'm playing AC:NH again, I hope someone moves out soon so that I can search for Ione

nonomino ❤️ 41 days ago

Wasabi almonds are GREAT

nonomino 😡 42 days ago

Now when you search for background generators on google, most of the results are AI

nonomino 🙂 42 days ago

I want to make a new island in AC:NH, but I don't want to delete the one I have

nonomino 🥰 43 days ago

I bought two cute dresses today hehe

nonomino 🎨 44 days ago

Whenever I want to create something, I get overwhelmed even if I'm happy to do it because there are just so many options

nonomino 🥱 46 days ago

I'm feeling so lazy today

nonomino 🙃 47 days ago

Anyway I'm watching Nope again

nonomino 💀 47 days ago

I'm feeling anxious about stupid things. I hate my need for everything I do to be perfect.

nonomino 🙂 48 days ago

I feel like remaking the layout of my website, it looks so boring

nonomino 🥰 49 days ago

I had gulab jamun for the first time in my life and it was so good

nonomino 🤩 50 days ago


nonomino 😴 51 days ago

Feeling so tired and upset for no reason today. Fortunately tomorrow is my last day of work before the holidays.

nonomino ✨ 52 days ago

Hiii everybody! It's so exciting to be here!