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nogravityplan 🀩 1 day ago

high pressure sodium lighting my beloved ,,,,, <3

nogravityplan 😢 4 days ago

my whole ass computer crashed trying to submit my housing app. sobbing

nogravityplan ✨ 57 days ago

someone fucked up our on-campus housing bid and i feel physically ill :D

nogravityplan 😎 59 days ago

gender win: got sir'd by my old statics prof

nogravityplan πŸ’‘ 60 days ago

working on the first of the subsoup pages! it's looking cool i just wish i had the art skills to make it look as cool as i envision it yknow

nogravityplan πŸ’» 68 days ago

soup page exists but it kinda sucks </3 it took so long to figure out how to structure it i no longer have the energy to make it pretty :/

nogravityplan ✨ 75 days ago

just got hit with writing inspiration for the first time in a minute so hopefully that means soup page will finally have material !

nogravityplan 😎 77 days ago


nogravityplan πŸ™ƒ 87 days ago

i loooove being throughly fucked by housing <3

nogravityplan 😴 88 days ago

spent all day re-teaching myself graphing in excel and i feel like i need a week long nap now

nogravityplan ✨ 130 days ago

love when my coworker makes fun of my voice dysphoria πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ

nogravityplan πŸ«– 136 days ago

just finished my 4th vial of T and i have yet to make one into an earring smh i need to get on that

nogravityplan ❄️ 139 days ago

why is it december already. sick and twisted

nogravityplan 😎 142 days ago

top artist pup 2nd year in a row lets gooooooo

nogravityplan ❀️ 145 days ago

tenth doctor transmasc icon thank you rtd❀️

nogravityplan 😭 146 days ago

y'know i could almost vibe w the new mom jeans album but then shred cruz must die,,. look at how they massacred my boy

nogravityplan πŸ™ƒ 149 days ago

If frap roast has a million haters, then I am one of them. If frap roast has ten haters, then I am one of them. If frap roast has only one h

nogravityplan πŸ’€ 153 days ago

in public and forgot earbuds i am Suffering

nogravityplan πŸ₯³ 154 days ago

ayyyy got the blog section of my site workingπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

nogravityplan πŸ₯³ 154 days ago

ayy finally feeling pretty good about the index now onto bullseye

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