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noctlas332 🎱 8 days ago

106,622 words later, i am done my AS level IT coursework. i am free.

noctlas332 🎱 9 days ago

recently found out vash trigun isnt a butch lesbian. very upset.

noctlas332 🎱 11 days ago

i like it when fictional characters are drawn with unnaturally coloured body hair, as i imagine they just dye it all

noctlas332 🎱 14 days ago

finished dungeon meshi manga,,, breaks down sobbing

noctlas332 🎱 17 days ago

i recognise the irony in my privating of my own video, when i reprinted someone elses on this very day, but that wont stop me

noctlas332 🎱 17 days ago

logged n on my hpone so now i can update sttus on the go

noctlas332 🎱 18 days ago

been watching myth busters on yt recent;y, very fun

noctlas332 🎱 19 days ago

i wish it was socially acceptable for me to go out and play !!!!! rgrrrgrgrggrrrr

noctlas332 🎱 19 days ago

oowchie,, my wrist hurts,,, i better not have done something to it i need to draw.

noctlas332 🎱 19 days ago

gegrggrggrrrgrgrrrr i think im getting sick

noctlas332 🎱 20 days ago

mmmmmm need to eepy now

noctlas332 🎱 20 days ago

sikc of coursework and decided to draw a loittle