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nobodythatyouknowlol 😭 2 days ago

yesterday was like the contender for one of my worst days oml...

nobodythatyouknowlol 🥳 17 days ago

7,161st! not bad but not good either. Luckily I have a good idea for the next prompt. Just need some time to fix it up

nobodythatyouknowlol 💀 22 days ago

lost all my progress on something that took a LOT of effort to be done... hughhhhhhhhhhhhhh at least I have music that can cheer me up

nobodythatyouknowlol 💤 23 days ago

i feel so tired. idk why I'm not usually tired anyway so maybe I uhhhh ZZZZZZZZZ

nobodythatyouknowlol 🙂 38 days ago

oh, finally the statuses are updated now we can make them even longer than they were before! look even a sun thingymajingy that's so epic!!!

nobodythatyouknowlol 👀 42 days ago

i should honestly play more games. i feel like ive been sleepin on games like undertale or omori and shtuff

nobodythatyouknowlol 🙂 45 days ago

I woke up and went to my computer to do stuff. I look at the time, its 10 minutes before school and I haven't showered yet. I hate my life.