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just a sleepy guy on the internet


nitw 📖 6 days ago

so many assignments due soon ACK

nitw 🎶 9 days ago

knee issues moment during rehearsal yesterday (i am okay now)

nitw 🎶 11 days ago

got my ASS kicked during rehearsal today

nitw 💻 13 days ago

trying to be active on tumblr again. Gah.

nitw 🎶 17 days ago

pippin cast list is out! i got dance captain/ensemble...!

nitw 🎶 19 days ago

pippin auditions are today and tomorrow!!! i'm hoping for pippin or leading player....

nitw 📖 19 days ago

blaaah homework...

nitw 🥱 20 days ago

sleep study done, i feel like shit!

nitw 😴 21 days ago

school trip today... sleep study and therapy later....

nitw 🎶 22 days ago

pippin auditions soon... scared!

nitw 💤 23 days ago

calculus homework.... boooooooooo.....