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the sound of our collisions


nitw 💤 46 days ago

time to LOCK IN. finals in a month...

nitw 🎬 57 days ago

tech week for radium girls. ACK

nitw 💤 79 days ago

even bigger yawn!!!!

nitw 💤 94 days ago

huge yawn. tremendous yawn, even.

nitw 💤 115 days ago

we are so fucking back

nitw 💤 142 days ago

biiiiig yawn

nitw 💻 153 days ago

new computer alert...! (old one died forever)

nitw 💤 157 days ago

me being surprised that i act disabled when i am, in fact, disabled

nitw 🥳 170 days ago

2024 the year of "we are so fucking back"

nitw ❄️ 185 days ago

winter break! happy holidays :)

nitw ❄️ 196 days ago

winter break so soon... yet so far...

nitw 💤 203 days ago

junior year fucking sucks man

nitw 📖 214 days ago

pippin is over! now to focus on schoolwork...

nitw 🎶 217 days ago

pippin opens tonight holy shit

nitw 🎶 229 days ago

pippin tech week AHHHHHH

nitw 📖 234 days ago

cramming assignments time! AHHH

nitw 📖 248 days ago

GAH. junior year is sooo stressful.

nitw 🤒 253 days ago

i have a cold. achoo!

nitw 💤 263 days ago

biiiiiig yawn

nitw 📖 271 days ago

so many assignments due soon ACK

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