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nine-moonbeams 🙂 397 days ago

once again thinking of redoing my site but i'll have to think for a good while what to do with it, how to make it something that feels Mine

nine-moonbeams 🙂 460 days ago

help my opacity value is being slowly decreased

nine-moonbeams 😶 521 days ago

hard to wanna work on my website when i don't even know if i want to be seen

nine-moonbeams 🔥 526 days ago


nine-moonbeams 🙂 554 days ago

i am now in the process of redoing my site

nine-moonbeams 🙃 568 days ago

is the all-lowercase thing getting old? i feel like i should utilize proper capitalization more, especially in long pages

nine-moonbeams 💀 581 days ago

didn't get any sleep last night for some reason

nine-moonbeams 🤔 585 days ago

am i doing my rss wrong?? i actually have no idea how this works

nine-moonbeams 😡 588 days ago

fruitlessly trying to land on an aesthetic, a more concrete Vibe i want for the loktis project

nine-moonbeams 💀 589 days ago

uggghhhh i've been feeling very burnt out for the past few days

nine-moonbeams 💻 592 days ago set up! currently working on an overhaul of my homepage