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noelle (noe) or kai. 25+. triple A battery (aro-spec/ace/agender). you can listen to sound horizon for free on spotify, youtube, and other available streaming services.*

*if you're okay with dark and heavy themes


nighthawkstar 🥰 72 days ago

thinking about her (sound horizon)

nighthawkstar 💀 91 days ago

"the gind never ends," says guy who so desperately wants to be freed from the grind

nighthawkstar 😭 98 days ago

don't ask a hypmic fan what happened on january 5th, 2024

nighthawkstar ✨ 102 days ago

happy new year!! i hope 2024 treats everyone kindly 🫶

nighthawkstar ✏️ 152 days ago

daydreaming of all the things i wanna do when i finally have the time

nighthawkstar 🥹 159 days ago

sisyphean task (going through every week)

nighthawkstar 🥹 166 days ago

we as a society have evolved past the need for The Grind

nighthawkstar 🥳 169 days ago


nighthawkstar 🥰 174 days ago

despite how stressful things have been, i'm so happy to be alive and to have met all the people in my life

nighthawkstar 🥹 182 days ago

finally getting a chance to rest a bit

nighthawkstar 🥹 191 days ago

trying to survive the horrors (taking orgo and A&P at the same time)

nighthawkstar 🔥 201 days ago

weekly king-ohger was crazy good this week

nighthawkstar 🔥 205 days ago

reasons to live: seeing sound horizon live (on stream) in 3 weeks

nighthawkstar 💔 215 days ago

currently in mourning (last day of hypstage)

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