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noelle (noe) or kai. 25+. triple A battery (aro-spec/ace/agender). you can listen to sound horizon for free on spotify, youtube, and other available streaming services.*

*if you're okay with dark and heavy themes


nighthawkstar 🔥 3 days ago

weekly king-ohger was crazy good this week

nighthawkstar 🔥 6 days ago

reasons to live: seeing sound horizon live (on stream) in 3 weeks

nighthawkstar 💔 16 days ago

currently in mourning (last day of hypstage)

nighthawkstar 🥹 25 days ago

wanting to be immortal not bc i want to live forever, but bc i want time to work on all the art and fics i wanna do of my blorbos

nighthawkstar 🔥 31 days ago


nighthawkstar 🥹 31 days ago

finished timeranger like This Is Fine

nighthawkstar 😭 31 days ago

already missing all my free time for the rest of the semester

nighthawkstar 🥹 34 days ago

braces self for the start of the fall semester tomorrow

nighthawkstar 🥰 40 days ago

filled with much love for my friends!!

nighthawkstar 🥹 45 days ago

[trudging through the trenches] just a few more days... until i have time... to myself...,,,

nighthawkstar 😭 48 days ago

counting the days and hours until i can work on personal projects again T^T

nighthawkstar 🥹 49 days ago

the joys of finally having a job again (making $$$ more like it) vs the despair of having even less free time

nighthawkstar 😴 51 days ago

life's been exhausting, but a good kind of exhausting! just wish i had more time to work on personal stuff though ;w;

nighthawkstar ✏️ 52 days ago

reminders to self: slow and steady progress is still progress

nighthawkstar 😭 53 days ago

when you wanna work on personal projects, but have to focus on real life responsibilities first

nighthawkstar 🎨 53 days ago

this is good for now, i'm gonna work on this doujin now >w<

nighthawkstar ✨ 54 days ago

think i'm getting a hang of coding this page!

nighthawkstar 🎶 54 days ago

btw listen to sound horizon for free on spotify, youtube, and other available streaming services* *if you're okay with heavy/dark themes

nighthawkstar ✨ 54 days ago

i'm not very well versed in coding, but for the sake of making my page Aesthetic, i will do my best

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