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nightdrift 😱 878 days ago

@m15o excited to share soon :D That said, thought I could fix another section of layout; ended up breaking that entire portion...whoops lol

nightdrift ✨ 878 days ago

Feeling pretty sparkly after figuring out how to fix an uncooperative site really is the little things...

nightdrift 🌙 879 days ago

Relaxing to some easy listening with a bit of light writing on the side.

nightdrift ✏️ 880 days ago

Pain is... hand-lettering fake placeholder text @_@ Update: Almost done though and it looks very fly. Worth the extra time spent!

nightdrift ❤️ 881 days ago

Happy Holidays!! ⛄🎄🦌 Wrapped up some housekeeping...time to relax ☕

nightdrift 🎄 882 days ago

Trying to get some last bits of work done for the day, but also too hyped for the holidays to really concentrate too hard ᐛ

nightdrift 🌙 886 days ago

Feeling a curious blend of melancholy optimism. Tides of change are in motion, I suppose. Just hope I can ride the wave somewhere nice.

nightdrift 🎨 888 days ago

Gonna try knock out some of these pages.

nightdrift 📰 893 days ago

Trying out some ideas for a goofy little interactive gallery page~

nightdrift 😎 894 days ago

"Should" be working on wrapping up a for-fun project, but busy opening up a bunch of other random ones :P

nightdrift 😱 899 days ago

Deciding if this series of drawings would look better in b/w or color...

nightdrift ☕ 900 days ago

Getting the page set up for now, maybe some general housekeeping afterwards.

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