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Tails, play Rusty Ruins act 1


neole0 📖 9 days ago

been teaching myself japanese... it's very fun! making slow progress but it's somethin

neole0 ☕️ 12 days ago

coffee. oatmeal cookie.s... yeah

neole0 📖 13 days ago

i haven't abandoned ship!!! school is just beating me up bad. yes its only the first week but its rough out here, man.

neole0 📺 21 days ago

i know im in too deep with the wrestling stuff when i've got 8 tabs open and they all have a different match on it

neole0 🎮 23 days ago

i began my third replay of Majora's Mask 3DS last night and I forgot how terrifying the day count-down is

neole0 🍿 24 days ago

it's my birthday......... yippee i think

neole0 💀 27 days ago

i got some new books today in the mail but the package was all ripped up -_- my majoras mask manga got all dirty.

neole0 🔥 30 days ago

i want to cut down on the java on my site but i have no idea how to implement it. pulling my hair out screaming etc etc

neole0 😯 31 days ago

huh, today i learned the same company that made Clock Tower also made the Fire Pro Wrestling games! Very interesting.

neole0 🙃 35 days ago

ahh nothin like being reminded why leaving tumblr was the best thing to ever happen to me mentally

neole0 🤔 39 days ago

Waiting to get panel lining pens for my gunpla vs caving in and building it anyway

neole0 🥰 39 days ago

i got these cool DBZ game cards yesterday! they're all super cool looking and the holo textures are awweesooome

neole0 🌱 44 days ago

finally got stardew valley on steam after waiting months for a sale. farm life here i come babeyyy

neole0 ❄️ 45 days ago

happy hearth's warming eve/day every pony

neole0 💻 49 days ago

My stint as an editor/gifmaker on tumblr has really proven useful when it comes to customizing my site. Thank you wrestling community

neole0 💾 54 days ago

Now that it's there, my wrestling page is gonna end up being the most updated part of my site, I can feel it

neole0 ❄️ 56 days ago

Gave Captain's Office a slight festive makeover! would've incorporated some falling snow, but ehhheheh yknow how it is.

neole0 🥰 57 days ago

finals are taking a toll on me but tomorrow is my last one! yippee

neole0 💤 57 days ago

huh, it took forever to get this to work but here we are