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Tails, play Rusty Ruins act 1...


neole0 😱 11 days ago

did u know ? depression sucks

neole0 🙂 100 days ago

thinking of redoing the cafe page... turning it into a garden maybe? and making the cafe a recipes page...

neole0 ❄️ 158 days ago

nothing soothes the soul quite like listening to My Castle Town on repeat in the dark. bliss. true bliss

neole0 💀 185 days ago

doom 64 is a horror game

neole0 💀 222 days ago

spent my day playing a halloween themed DOOM wad (pumpkin jam by Snowy44). definitely worth the time. 50/10 spooky cacodemons

neole0 😡 227 days ago

spotify you WILL be dealt with (they got rid of both jet set radio & jet set radio future OSTs)

neole0 🔥 234 days ago

perhaps its for the best i find out about Edge second hand, cause if i watched wrestle dream live i think i would have exploded. amen.

neole0 🍏 234 days ago

logged into pony town for the first tine in ages. my island is soo cozy. now only if i knew how to socialize.

neole0 📚 276 days ago

Im narrowing in on the final few days of summer break, so updates to the site may slow down. but im not ditching! I promise.

neole0 📺 285 days ago

uhmmm... smosh page exists now

neole0 🥹 290 days ago

even though i literally just remade my wrestling page i hate it so much and am probably gonna scrap the entire shell and start over. again.

neole0 ✅ 292 days ago

wrestling rehaul is up, so the link is alive again :]

neole0 🔥 296 days ago

wrestling page is getting a serious rehaul so the link will be dead until it's pretty again

neole0 💻 346 days ago

there should be more wrestling sites on here. angelfire efeds did not rule the old-internet just for our future to be so barren

neole0 🎮 349 days ago

now that v4 is up and live im taking a well deserved break and playing splatoon for 3 days straight

neole0 😭 376 days ago

Officially have begun work on the site revamp!! Working offline so i dont break anything. feels so good to be coding again

neole0 💾 381 days ago

i swear when im done with finals im gonna do so much coding. SO MUCH.

neole0 🤖 396 days ago

for a while i thought firefox hated me. turns out its just tumblr making my browser go wild everytime i open the site. makes sense.

neole0 🎮 401 days ago

i find peace in sitting around campus and downloading games onto my 3ds. the joys of homebrew

neole0 🌧️ 407 days ago

i hate to say it and admit failure but im pulling away from my attempt at a webring. maybe when i have more time i can try again; i dunno.

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