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Tails, play Rusty Ruins act 1


neole0 😭 17 days ago

Officially have begun work on the site revamp!! Working offline so i dont break anything. feels so good to be coding again

neole0 💾 22 days ago

i swear when im done with finals im gonna do so much coding. SO MUCH.

neole0 🤖 37 days ago

for a while i thought firefox hated me. turns out its just tumblr making my browser go wild everytime i open the site. makes sense.

neole0 🎮 42 days ago

i find peace in sitting around campus and downloading games onto my 3ds. the joys of homebrew

neole0 🌧️ 48 days ago

i hate to say it and admit failure but im pulling away from my attempt at a webring. maybe when i have more time i can try again; i dunno.

neole0 🎶 50 days ago

Going through a harsh moment in life and times like this make me go. Despite everything. I still hold admiration 4 Steven Universe

neole0 🍱 53 days ago

food prep is a fun class i made cordon bleu for the first time and learned what veal is

neole0 💻 58 days ago

i love using firefox and i really don't want to swap browsers but GOOD GOD. it needs to get its shit together

neole0 💔 64 days ago

crying in a corner over the death of a king (3ds eshop)......... mod your consoles now now now

neole0 🎨 65 days ago

the neochaos widget is so ugly. luckily since its still just me i have time to make it look nicer. or try to at least

neole0 💔 69 days ago

doing culinary homework rn... i wish life was like that "i have spaghetti due at 11" tweet.

neole0 💔 72 days ago

going back to classes tomorrow... good bye freedom i will miss you dearly

neole0 💡 73 days ago

aw yea this is the "neocities is down" moment i've been waiting for

neole0 🥗 76 days ago

I made dashi stock today, and used it to make some miso soup. It was delicious! Super happy it came out good. ^^

neole0 🤔 83 days ago

i forgot i set up an entire prowres webring and never did anything with it. Maybe I'll start promoting it. the subsite is a little ugly tho.

neole0 😭 91 days ago

WOAH 7k views on arrothame! thank you friends and strangers alike <3

neole0 🤖 91 days ago

i wish to never join another zoom/meets/team meeting ever in my life again. this is horrid

neole0 🎱 94 days ago

double edged blade that is being out of touch (no drama ever)(doesn't know if something is bad until it's too late)

neole0 🎨 97 days ago

Thinking of adding a space in the library for my art... maybe, maybe...

neole0 💾 99 days ago

makes sense when i finally have the time/energy/motivation to work on my site, my internet is the worst it's been in weeks --

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