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nefritvel ❄️ 176 days ago

aw heck i've got to get back to updating this page

nefritvel 🤔 205 days ago

It's so hard to settle on a layout for the Saguru shrine...

nefritvel 💡 206 days ago

graphics topics: heroes 3, autoheart, insaniquarium, dcmk characters/ships, warrior cats, rp forums

nefritvel 🙃 207 days ago

lol i just realized i called dreamwidth 'livejournal' in my dreamwidth journaling posts...... lmao

nefritvel 🥳 207 days ago

really really really excited i managed to embed dreamwidth posts on my journal page! this bodes well for posting writing snippets...

nefritvel 🙂 207 days ago

saguru meta topics 2: presence in canon / recklessness (can i make that a whole topic? surely...) / his family

nefritvel 💡 207 days ago

saguru-meta topics: he doesnt want to catch KID 2 / he is not a by-the-book guy / analyse him + heiji dynamic / relationship to mk chars

nefritvel 🤔 207 days ago

maybe for my journal entries i'll embed my dw posts-or at least some? would encourage me to use dw more for sure.

nefritvel 🎱 208 days ago

perhaps today I will work on adding some of the web critters i've adopted to my page. Maybe even my tumblr too??

nefritvel 🥳 209 days ago

i slept for almost 13 hours

nefritvel 💀 209 days ago

I'm nearing 33 hours without sleep and I feel like I should be way more tired :/ either way i'm determined to have reasonable bedtime 2night

nefritvel ✏️ 210 days ago

note to self: i really want to make 1) fanlistings, 2) a proper saguru shrine, 3) a fansite for dcmk that contains all my headcanons and aus

nefritvel 🎶 210 days ago

time! is! fake! noon feels like midnight rn

nefritvel ✈️ 210 days ago

lmao. status similar to previous. my sleep schedule's been so bad i've been getting up at noon everyday so TONIGHT im pulling an all nighter

nefritvel 💀 227 days ago

dared to nap for 1 hour in the evening and now i STILL can't sleep.