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nebytou 😴 12 days ago

Been forever since I wrote something here, oops, slowly working in missing pages.

nebytou 🎲 113 days ago

Recently I've been getting a liking for card and board games! Digging a bit too in tcg, just curious.

nebytou ☀️ 183 days ago

The other day I went to a river with my mom, it was nice, I missed it.

nebytou 🌱 274 days ago

I love pikmins

nebytou 😭 313 days ago

Why it is so hard to decorate my page ;o; aaaaaa

nebytou 🎨 325 days ago


nebytou 🍔 357 days ago

The other day my mom brought me a hamburger, it was nice

nebytou 🌱 360 days ago

I've been feeling lonely this last days, I don't know how to talk to people anymore, and I feel like a burden to the friends I already have

nebytou ✨ 366 days ago

Trying this for the first time! ^ ^