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ncymrn 🥳 48 days ago

it's my birthday

ncymrn 🥱 57 days ago

why does everyone hate javascript so much? get a grip

ncymrn ❄️ 66 days ago

been drinking cactus and aloe vera juice lately and i think i've discovered the answer to every problem scotland has ever had

ncymrn ✨ 67 days ago

starting a new multifandom discord rp wish me luck

ncymrn ✨ 67 days ago

lord help me i am about to become the most annoying person on this website

ncymrn 🙂 67 days ago

omgggg the status widget is really cool

ncymrn ❤️ 67 days ago

hellaurrrrr i deleted twitter but i still have the Need To Tweet so here i am