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natrix 🙂 2 days ago

trying to crochet socks in time for christmas

natrix 🐱 8 days ago

there is a cat sleeping on my feet and keeping them warm <3

natrix 😶 13 days ago

i miss so many of the blogs i used to read

natrix 🧋 16 days ago

fuck yes boba tea

natrix 🥱 17 days ago

stayed up finishing work until 2am, i'm not paid enough for this =_=

natrix ✨ 22 days ago

making a tiny game with Mosi (similar to bitsy but easier to use w touchscreens)

natrix ❤️ 23 days ago

work is done and i have boba tea

natrix 💀 25 days ago

work is going so fucking slowly today

natrix ❤️ 27 days ago

lingthusiasm is such a good podcast i wish there were more episodes

natrix 🙂 30 days ago

just got vax'd, time to make some antibodies

natrix ❄️ 32 days ago

it would be great if it was less cold please and thanks

natrix 🍕 34 days ago

really need to go cook some dinner