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she/they 24 years old adhd + asd european

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nandoesherbest 💀 599 days ago

forgot to mention, but those Shining Nikki outfits converted to sims 4 were a disaster lol

nandoesherbest 🤔 599 days ago

I can't decide on one and I'm seriously wondering if i could combine dollette and menhera aesthetics together and somehow pull it off

nandoesherbest 🤒 600 days ago

pms hitting hard :") wanted to study for upcoming tests next month, bur all i feel like doing is either crying or working on codes

nandoesherbest 😎 602 days ago

bought some applesauce with musli & halloween themed gummy bears to work, because I'm a responsible and fully well-developed adult woman :)

nandoesherbest 🥰 602 days ago

got some cute vintage outfits and clothes converted from Shining Nikki, I'm already excited ;;

nandoesherbest 💻 602 days ago

gonna play some sims 4 before going to work >->

nandoesherbest 😭 602 days ago

Fallout 3 is making me more emotional than I'm willing to admit

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