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nalfae 📰 11 hours ago

just remembered i read notes of a crocodile i have got to write a review or i will explode!!

nalfae 🤒 5 days ago

why do i get so sick when the seasons change

nalfae đŸĨŗ 6 days ago

i got a new laptop!! no more crashing whenever i have a youtube tab open

nalfae 🍞 6 days ago

i love pumpkin bread!!!!! so much!!!

nalfae 🌧ī¸ 8 days ago

listening to que sera sera from the katamari damacy soundtrack and i started tearing up???

nalfae 💔 9 days ago

craving mint choco ice cream like crazy rn and it's only 8 in the morning...

nalfae 🙂 10 days ago

why am i always coding at night rather than in the day when i have all the time in the world...

nalfae 🤔 11 days ago

think i'm gonna make a music page for the site

nalfae đŸ’ģ 11 days ago

you will have to pry scrollboxes from my cold dead hands i will overuse them FOREVER!!!!

nalfae 😴 13 days ago

i want to draw but i'm just *loud snoring noises*

nalfae 💤 13 days ago

most hectic week ever.. finally time for some relaxation

nalfae 💀 20 days ago

its so hot and im meltingggg

nalfae 🎱 22 days ago

had too much fun yesterday so now i'm mourning today

nalfae 🤔 23 days ago

i want to make a button for the site... not sure where to start though

nalfae 🙃 23 days ago

in desperate need of a new laptop, i keep losing my place while coding because it keeps crashing on me!!!

nalfae 😭 26 days ago


nalfae đŸ˜ļ 27 days ago

currently stressed but pretending things will just sort themselves out

nalfae 💤 30 days ago

gonna work on changing the themes of some pages.. my idea is making every page different so i won't have the urge to redo my entire site :P

nalfae đŸ’ģ 30 days ago

page is finally done.. time to add even more pages cause i'm addicted to coding

nalfae 🤒 31 days ago

first status for the site! currently sick â•Ĩīšâ•Ĩ