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nalfae 🤖 179 days ago

finally fixed the font issue on my website thank goodness!

nalfae 🙂 191 days ago

que sera sera from the katamari ost, who's with me!!!

nalfae 🙂 195 days ago

trying to do my first homework assignment of the semester and can't even focus on what im reading. is it joever 4 me?

nalfae 💤 197 days ago

ughhhhhh i need to get around to replacing all my catbox files on my site but im so lazy... too much workkkk

nalfae 🙂 278 days ago

every so often i forget i have a pretty cool website to add whatever i so please. ahh freedom

nalfae 🌧️ 371 days ago

my main blog looks really nice now! i'm obsessed with looking at it...

nalfae 💤 396 days ago

headaches while fasting are the absolute worst..

nalfae ❤️ 423 days ago

cat using my hand as a pillow as i type this... heart emoji

nalfae 🙂 426 days ago

i love my kindle.. call me a robot but this is some good technology (without the amazon parts)

nalfae 🙂 464 days ago

so many movies i haven't made reviews for yet, gonna do some analysis while i recover >:)

nalfae 🌧️ 468 days ago

i havent had a night this bad in awhile :(

nalfae 😭 470 days ago


nalfae 📺 470 days ago

watching people get mad when they play splatoon is so funny

nalfae 👀 471 days ago

it's official, im in love with coding again...

nalfae 😎 471 days ago

working on my red velvet shrine currently, just in time for the new comeback

nalfae 🌱 472 days ago


nalfae ❤️ 475 days ago

mindhunter was a show made for me.. dr. carr i WONT YEW

nalfae 🍱 483 days ago

i used to hate watching mukbangs/people eating but i can't stop watching tzuyang.. she makes it enjoyable

nalfae 🥺 491 days ago

aerospray mg is still my ol reliable.. i miss being good with bloblobber though

nalfae 👽 507 days ago

intermittent fasting sucks so hard

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