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I like jfashion, fancy aesthetic, gaming, and naps.


myfancybear 😭 18 days ago

I had food poisoning and lost a pound from it (´;д;) Yikes!!

myfancybear 🍱 43 days ago

It's Monday again... (*´;ェ;`*)

myfancybear 🧋 46 days ago

It's Friday again! ฅ՞•ﻌ•՞ฅ yippeee!!

myfancybear ✨ 49 days ago

My neocities CLI seems to be working again so maybe I'll update again soon. :)

myfancybear 🥕 62 days ago

I love pui pui molcar....

myfancybear 🐱 91 days ago

Gave my kitty some egg yolk today to help with hairballs, he really liked it.

myfancybear 🍮 91 days ago

Enjoying Hello Sweet Days a little too much ♡

myfancybear 😭 93 days ago

I pushed an update to my neocities thru cmd but then after it was done it timed out and now Neocities won't load on my browser...

myfancybear 🍨 131 days ago

Soooo excited for the Milky Planet re-release. Is it August yet??? aaaaa

myfancybear 😶 132 days ago

Life's been a bit of a whirlwind this week.

myfancybear 🍀 152 days ago

I'm finally feeling better! Getting over this cold feels like spring has sprung for me.

myfancybear 🤧 161 days ago

Caught a cold and its the week of Christmas (´•̥ ᵔ •̥`)

myfancybear 💤 188 days ago

Awake wayyyy too early.

myfancybear 📺 199 days ago

I honestly miss when twitch ran a yu-gi-oh marathon. It was so fun to watch with friends!

myfancybear 🗳️ 203 days ago

It's election day in the US! Go vote!

myfancybear 🌙 204 days ago

wait where did the sun go?

myfancybear 😱 206 days ago

Just followed one of blogilates arm workouts and my arms feel like they're gonna fall off!!!

myfancybear 👀 207 days ago

Neocities' CLI is actually super duper nice and convenient.

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