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hi, i'm a human called multo.
take a look at my various stone-thoughts weighing on my head.


multo 🔥 1 day ago

i'm going to rewrite the bible for my own benefit and no one is going to stop me

multo 🤒 1 day ago

god i can't wait for this semester to end

multo 🤔 2 days ago

how do i get back into creative endeavors

multo 💤 8 days ago

had a bad morning. missed my only class. did work. don't feel like doing anything. tired

multo 🔥 13 days ago

pokefarm has consumed my life save me ghost-type pokemon

multo 🤔 16 days ago

started playing pokefarm to pass the time (same user as here pls help me)

multo 🌧️ 17 days ago

just you and me in the wreckage of our world

multo 🌙 19 days ago

i just want peace of mimd. why can't you give me that

multo 🥺 23 days ago

noooo not neocities, i wanna browse other ppl's sites

multo 💀 25 days ago

had so much to do today. am i alive

multo 🌙 26 days ago

god i hate myself. no one to blame but me. why do weekends have to be so hectic

multo 😭 29 days ago

there must be some cosmic joke that i'm not in on bc there's no way i'm this unlucky

multo 😡 30 days ago

i wanna bash my head against the wall

multo 🌙 31 days ago

a song of achilles has me grieving (with awe).

multo 💔 36 days ago

i think my presence is a curse

multo ✨ 37 days ago

finally (mostly) finished a page i've been chipping away at. just gotta add content

multo 💤 39 days ago

1st day of spring break, dunno how to spend my time

multo 💀 44 days ago

my baby's got a gun i better run

multo 💻 46 days ago

the world feels close to an end, but i don't feel enough dread to care yet

multo 🌧️ 53 days ago

i have a headache bc of my bible class. sometimes i feel like i'm the only human being there.

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