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hi, i'm a human called multo.
take a look at my various stone-thoughts weighing on my head.


multo 🌙 14 hours ago

i am so tired but ik i have work to do. my brain needs to wake up.

multo 🌧️ 2 days ago

what do i do with you

multo 📺 4 days ago

i can't wait for fall break ;; to do nothing without worrying for anything

multo 🌧️ 9 days ago

i wish i had more motivation, or self-discipline, to do creative things again :(

multo 🙂 12 days ago

so much, so little. dido, i'll remember your lament.

multo ✨ 18 days ago

i finished a big class project, then watched final destination with the bf. i'm happy w myself :))

multo 😶 20 days ago

i must scream but i have no space to (bc of school n creative reasons)

multo 📚 21 days ago

i'm gonna try to keep track of all my writing projects on notion so i can actually get some progress done ;v;

multo 🌧️ 23 days ago

finished some work early, waiting for new music/to do shopping ;v;

multo 😡 24 days ago

fuck you. i had a rough afternoon and you made it worse.

multo 💀 24 days ago

ugh. school is stressing me out a bit but i'm handling it well (lie)

multo 📖 27 days ago

a lot happens in a day. i just want it to be okay.

multo 🌧️ 29 days ago

it's been a complicated day, but i still want to help him

multo 💀 31 days ago

i need to figure out what to do over the 3-day weekend so i'm productive

multo 🌙 32 days ago

i- made a story for me n bf's pokesonas haha not intentional. need to work on more plots

multo 💀 34 days ago

i'm starting to enjoy taking notes on video essays i find on yt. problem is, bye bye sleep schedule

multo 💡 34 days ago

GRR i want to talk about babylon in film class tom. after our reading on 1930s censorship !!!

multo 🌧️ 35 days ago

trying to get access to an old website bc i have some pages there i wanna bring over to the new one :dizzy:

multo 😭 35 days ago

everyone's neo sites are so cool :sob: i wanna make my site look better bc of that

multo 🔥 36 days ago

it's that time of month, so i watched horror movies w the bf to distract from the pain :D

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