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hi, i'm a human called multo.
take a look at my various stone-thoughts weighing on my head.


multo 🌧️ 7 days ago

it's been a rough few days. i need a bite of serotonin, maybe morphine

multo 🌧️ 31 days ago

been a while since i've updated my neocities/ maybe soon/ i felt a lot of things today

multo 💤 42 days ago

too much thoughts, still sleepy

multo ❤️ 45 days ago

i am once again reminded humanity can be beautiful if you catch a glimpse at the right time

multo 😇 50 days ago


multo 💀 54 days ago

i was on the LAST chapter of dunmeshi... please don't do this to me

multo 😡 56 days ago

period pains SUUUUUCK.

multo 💀 58 days ago

practiced driving after literal Months of no practice. someone teach me how to right turn

multo 🙂 63 days ago

reading manga is so much better than doomscrolling. i'm halfway through dungeon meshi !

multo 🌱 65 days ago

i think we'll be okay. maybe i'll be okay

multo ❄️ 67 days ago

it's over, isn't it. why can't i let go

multo 🌧️ 69 days ago

i wish we were both better.

multo 💀 73 days ago

i need to get a job to make money, someone hire me !

multo ✨ 75 days ago

finally watched godzilla minus one. i have so much to say, so i'll write a review

multo 🔥 75 days ago

my dopamine receptors are FRIED. i need a social media detox

multo 💀 78 days ago

im so exhausted, i move out tom. but I STILL HAVE SO MUCH STUFF

multo 🌧️ 86 days ago

this is honestly why i can't rely on other people. i need my own car. i need my own place.

multo 😶 91 days ago

i put off a project thinking i had time. i don't. my hands hurt

multo 🤔 94 days ago

i wish there was a way to transfer files from notion to obsidian-

multo 🔥 96 days ago

i'm going to rewrite the bible for my own benefit and no one is going to stop me

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