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hey hello! welcome to my seat at the status cafe!

i'm just some entity on the internet that likes bugs, robots, and angels.


motheatencrow ☀️ 8 days ago

thinking about things to add to my site. otherwise incredibly sleepy

motheatencrow ☀️ 15 days ago

nine sols ost on spotify yippee! also got all the achievements i wanted to get in doom

motheatencrow ☀️ 22 days ago

drawing and thinking about playing doom

motheatencrow ☀️ 25 days ago

finally working on my first-ish game!

motheatencrow ☀️ 29 days ago

finished nine sols, absolutely loved it

motheatencrow ☀️ 30 days ago

kicking my feet and twirling my hair as i think about dinosaurs and dragons and bugs

motheatencrow ☀️ 30 days ago

I KEEP GETTING DISTRACTED ON THE FINAL BOSS FIGHT FOR NINE SOLS. i keep thinking "why is yi so small" instead of fighting

motheatencrow ☀️ 31 days ago

ooauuahghgh i wanna work on something but i don't know what

motheatencrow ☀️ 31 days ago

repeatedly playing this is a life from everything everywhere all at once

motheatencrow ☀️ 32 days ago

woo! trying out status cafe but in general thinking about nine sols