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i'm moss (any pronouns), and my site is a mess!

... for now, i'm working on it i swear


mosstalgia 💻 5 days ago

last minute ideas... oh god

mosstalgia 🙂 16 days ago

something is screaming outside

mosstalgia 🌈 18 days ago

autodesk maya why do you hate me

mosstalgia ☀️ 24 days ago

boards of canada and cookies

mosstalgia ☀️ 28 days ago

boarding my canada

mosstalgia ❤️ 44 days ago

blender is such a lifesaver

mosstalgia 🎨 44 days ago

messing with render settings YIPPEE

mosstalgia 🎱 48 days ago

.webp files i hate you!!!

mosstalgia 🥹 53 days ago

cysmix and boy harsher save me....

mosstalgia 🍞 60 days ago

no brain only camp here & there

mosstalgia ✏️ 68 days ago

The yo-kai watch ost slapped

mosstalgia 🌙 72 days ago

i can TELL camp here and there is going to give me so much emotional damage

mosstalgia 🥳 76 days ago

finally got a, YIPPEE

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