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morime 🎨 146 days ago

I really need to draw that drow slugcat crossover

morime 👽 173 days ago


morime ✨ 208 days ago

finally done with art fight stuff

morime 🤖 210 days ago

getting python shit to PATH is a goddamn nightmare

morime 💔 212 days ago

clip studio paint why do you not have a linux version i am dying

morime 🤐 213 days ago

i stg if my period is coming back i will be livid

morime 👀 214 days ago

Of course the year I get the courage to do art fight is the year it crashes and burns

morime 💀 215 days ago

i am thankful for the implant for removing my period but the migraines it replaced them with also suck lmao. fighting for my life over here

morime 🏂 216 days ago

My anxiety on its way to make me freak out over nothing

morime ✨ 217 days ago

I just found out that Snowberry Clearwings exist and I am crying about flying lobsters.

morime 💻 218 days ago

i am still very aware that i have a lot of backed up stuff to do in ff14 before 7.0 and i'm just like "this is fine"

morime 🐶 219 days ago

protocorgi is equal parts cute and hard to look at

morime 😶 228 days ago