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small little internet man who pretends hes old enough to actually have seen geocities sites.


moosyu 😎 1 day ago

having a stroke rn

moosyu 😱 3 days ago

just realised i have 20 pages to read in 20 minutes i gotta gogogogo

moosyu 😂 5 days ago

my friend got mugged by a group of monkeys on mount emei lmaoo

moosyu 😭 9 days ago

bruh apparently cohost is losing $30000 a month, they are not surviving its over

moosyu 🤔 10 days ago

my pc keeps randomly turning off when i leave it unattended. am i being haunted?

moosyu 💀 11 days ago

math exam got moved ahead a week im gonna fail how could they do this

moosyu 🥺 14 days ago

captchas are getting too hard

moosyu 💀 15 days ago

1:37am rn and im witnessing things that honestly science cannot explain

moosyu 😭 15 days ago

just watched interestellar holy shit 10/10

moosyu 🤔 17 days ago

i feel like i look better in mirrors

moosyu 😭 18 days ago

call of the night built up a really good ending and then fumbled bruh what is this

moosyu 👀 18 days ago

my bus driver clipped a car and drove away this is aweosme

moosyu 😎 19 days ago

wow grounded mysteriously costed me $0 and works on multiplayer this is awesome

moosyu 🥺 20 days ago

this whole programming thing is kinda hard.

moosyu 😎 22 days ago

been binging through @ramblelime on youtubes videos. they are really good.

moosyu 😭 22 days ago

woke up and smashed my forehead on the bed by accident

moosyu 😡 25 days ago

in school rn with my boy the real ipugfx

moosyu 😡 26 days ago

why are my skyrim trees purple now

moosyu 😎 26 days ago

jesus christ after 6 hours i have a dodge mod working on skyrim. also pauls wifes funeral is tomorrow pray for him.

moosyu 😎 27 days ago

ok after 3 hours skyrim doesnt crash when i load it

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