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moose 😭 5 days ago

just remembered the Thylacine is dead im fucking sobbing

moose 😎 8 days ago

Just got my permit call me ansel elgort

moose 💀 10 days ago

Holy shit I'm so fucking itchy I'm about to kill myself

moose 💔 12 days ago

Man these bitches have no rizz

moose 🙂 14 days ago

I just spend 435 dollars getting a vinyl setup

moose 😭 15 days ago

My bro just dipped for to become a fed wish him well

moose ❄️ 16 days ago

I'm so glad I don't need coffee and just take a cold shower each morning to wake myself up

moose 🤖 18 days ago

Fartin' like a robot rn ...

moose 😶 20 days ago

Im tweaking ayuda

moose ❤️ 20 days ago

im larping as an attractive person to pull bad bitches

moose 🎮 21 days ago

Just got a W in fortnite while playing as OJ simpson

moose 💀 21 days ago

My buddy Keith is fucking insane bro

moose 🎮 21 days ago

Man the anacrusis is so fun

moose 🐶 22 days ago

A dog keeps setting off the fucking car alarm in the parking lot I'm gonna kms

moose ✨ 22 days ago

Im waging

moose 🙂 22 days ago

She status on my cafe

moose 🎮 23 days ago

playing anacrusis right now!

moose ✨ 23 days ago

my day at work was great and uneventful

moose 🙂 23 days ago

Someone drew loss on a whiteboard at work

moose 🫖 23 days ago

Pooping on company time

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