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moonie 🤩 21 days ago

TIL Tom Kenny voiced like 100 characters, most notably the Narrator and Mayor(!!), in the OG Powerpuff Girls!

moonie 📚 56 days ago

I graduated with my MBA! Woo!! Now, if only I was actually done with classes...

moonie 🥳 99 days ago

I set up a blog on my site! I'm excited to use it instead of my old Wordpress...

moonie 💀 129 days ago

Oh my god I never knew buying a car took so damn long. I'M SO HUNGRY!!

moonie 😡 134 days ago

Who do these people think they are bothering me during my lunch hour...?! Just because I'm in my office, it doesn't mean I'm available!

moonie ❄️ 199 days ago

I'm very thankful I've had a week off for the holidays, but I am NOT looking forward to being back at work on Tuesday...

moonie 🤖 271 days ago

I have not had connection to our work server all day...! So I guess that means I'm getting paid to sit on my ass today~

moonie 🥹 279 days ago

I may hate working, but my boss is great. He just let me leave work to go get a coffee ☕️ how sweet!

moonie 😂 306 days ago

Turned on my favorite indie radio station JUST in time to hear the one song they play that I hate oh so much...! What luck!

moonie 🙃 307 days ago

Boy I sure do love accidentally messing stuff up at work. REALLY awesome and fun time for me.

moonie 😭 308 days ago

Waiting that last hour of a workday is literally the worst!! I JUST WANT TO GO HOME!

moonie 😱 320 days ago


moonie 😡 335 days ago

I'm so goddamned mad I could explode. I hate our government, and the people that work for it are useless meat wads.

moonie 🚄 359 days ago

I want to take a train trip! I miss trains...

moonie 🙃 378 days ago

Too much homework, not enough time to work on this website!