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Hallo!! I am Banni!! I am a wannabe hikikomori, but I enjoy capitalism too much so I have to go out and work for my silly little merch (kpop, anime, you name it) ☆o(><;)○ I run two blogs


moonbunnies 😎 56 days ago

Teehee Added a little neet doodle of myself onto my blog! Hikikomori banni rise!

moonbunnies 🥰 58 days ago

୧((#Φ益Φ#))୨ MOTHERFUCKING YAOI AND POLLO LOCO NIGHT!! THIS IS THE FUCKING LIFE (╬`益´) I wish I had asahi tho teeheee

moonbunnies 🎨 63 days ago

Currently planning on going thrift shopping and finding dresses to DIY Old school Lolita. We need to bring back DIY in J-fashion!!

moonbunnies 📰 109 days ago

anyone else treat yaoi and yuri manga updates like daily newspaper lol? Wake up check and read, get in bed for sleep check and read tehehe

moonbunnies 💻 146 days ago

Updated my Olivine blog! Probably gonna do my horror blog next! Anywho stan Ikigusare!!

moonbunnies 💀 161 days ago

Man anyone else like J-horror stuff? I wanna binge some movies now, but can't sit and stream rn. Ikigusare will do for now in the background

moonbunnies 🎮 163 days ago

Playing project diva rn \(^ヮ^)/! I ordered the wrong sandwich for dinner so my chicken wasn't spichie weeh (╬ Ò﹏Ó)

moonbunnies 🙂 166 days ago