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i love pikmins and silly web stuff. i am a creature. i need a nap.


moogle 💤 205 days ago

more than anything i just love to be comfy

moogle 💤 208 days ago

so sleepy.. all day...

moogle ❤️ 209 days ago

nobody out there can love cereal as much as me.

moogle 🌱 211 days ago

i will be better. i will be better. i'll be happy. or at least, i'll try.

moogle 🤐 212 days ago

hungry but i am hyperfocus stunlocked

moogle 🌈 212 days ago

my stomach hurts but i don't care.. i will enjoy myself this is NOT about her!!

moogle 😛 213 days ago

oh god girl. the textures

moogle 😶 214 days ago

i hope the humidity stops soon..

moogle 🥱 215 days ago

other people in the kitchen? oh the horror.

moogle 🧀 216 days ago

i wan cheese

moogle 🐶 217 days ago

can't sleep. too hot. pikmin dog song stuck in my head. usual friday.

moogle 🤔 217 days ago

not fond of these eardrops. not the biggest wet ears fan.

moogle 💀 217 days ago

my $200 keyboard's usb port broke. the good news: it has bluetooth too so it's ok. the bad news: my pc, however, for some reason, does not.

moogle ☀️ 219 days ago

oh boy is it warm today.. can't wait for it to get cooler again

moogle 💾 219 days ago

i makea the css.. it's been a lil while. feels good

moogle ✏️ 219 days ago

:T i wanna get this painting done!!

moogle 🤐 220 days ago

so much is happening at once.. and to top it off it's so warm that i barely feel like i can do a thing..

moogle 🌙 220 days ago

ouuuh i am so sleepy..