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monsterrobotics 🤖 28 days ago

you know what -- maybe i SHOULD replay stardew valley. frick da world

monsterrobotics 🤔 47 days ago

idk what to add to my website next... but the blog should be updated soon!

monsterrobotics 😭 69 days ago

im so sleepy. my body is in whack state rn!

monsterrobotics 🙃 110 days ago

The slow, slow death of tv and thus stations makes me miss bumpers. We need to keep bumpers alive somehow. Be fancy in youtube videos...

monsterrobotics 🤖 145 days ago

She dropped that ass on me from an egregarious angle

monsterrobotics 🤖 152 days ago

next goal: adjust accessibility stuffs methinks!

monsterrobotics 🤖 162 days ago

Just a small town guy... Gonna update the site this weekend... This song sucks.

monsterrobotics 😎 205 days ago

animatic almost done. this weekend! woo! yeah!!!