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monci 🀩 237 days ago

Man I love weightlifting sm! I'm already starting to see more definition in my muscles!!

monci πŸŒ™ 238 days ago

you will feel uncomfortable as you deal with that, but afterwards, you'll experience a freedom i wish i knew sooner

monci πŸŒ™ 238 days ago

do not over-stay out of fear of whatever. it is not worth it. it is a disservice to yourself and being kind to you is far more important

monci πŸŒ™ 238 days ago

if you imagine being away from them and, in a way, you feel relief: it is time to leave

monci πŸŒ™ 238 days ago

sometimes you can "feel" someone is good for you, when in reality it's just keeping you trapped in unhealthy familiarity

monci 🎢 238 days ago

Lo intento todo para ser mejor de lo que fui, de lo que fui hasta ayer... β™ͺβ™«

monci πŸ₯Ή 239 days ago

today i found out not only that cats have belly buttons but also that my cat likes belly rubs. wha!

monci πŸ’” 239 days ago

RIP Atsushi Sakurai you left too soon πŸ™

monci ❀️ 240 days ago

I finally feel like I can breathe again

monci 🀐 240 days ago

The fact that i was literally typing those exact same things to set things straight because i finally noticed the misunderstanding

monci πŸ’€ 240 days ago

Why is picking out a new username so complicated

monci ❀️ 240 days ago

No sabes cΓ³mo la amo yo, no sabes quΓ© me enamorΓ³... β™ͺβ™«

monci πŸ’€ 240 days ago

My knee popped so loud I thought I was made of lego for a sec

monci πŸ’Ύ 241 days ago

doing system work is so time consuming

monci πŸŒ™ 241 days ago

had one of those revealing dreams and been feeling a lil off since i woke up

monci ❀️ 242 days ago

i have been chosen by my friend's cat. she's always on me and keeps ignoring him whenever i come over LOL

monci 😭 242 days ago

the dragon prince. season 5. i cannot BELIEVE- man i need s6 asap!!!!

monci 🌈 243 days ago

don't you just love it when women. cuz i know i do!!!!!!

monci πŸ₯Ή 244 days ago

a friend gifted me a my melody figurine and i'm so happy!!! πŸ˜­πŸ’• it's so cute!!

monci 🎢 244 days ago

the pipopipo song has been stuck in my head since yesterday and i never loved an earworm this much

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