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molynomials 🍣 111 days ago

stan frye from deep cut

molynomials 💻 120 days ago

a childhood fear of mine was the onceler

molynomials 🎲 120 days ago

kind of feel like drinking today, pepsi is my alcohol

molynomials ❤️ 121 days ago

i am so attracted to boris pavlikovsky

molynomials 💻 122 days ago

i wish i was born a boy

molynomials 🙂 127 days ago

thinking about byler <3

molynomials 🙂 127 days ago

shuckle is such a cool fkn pokemon wow

molynomials 👀 127 days ago

idk if its my meds kicking in but bro shuckle is such a cool pokemon holy shit

molynomials 🌧️ 128 days ago

listening to calpurnia atm