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missdreamymimi 🤩 23 days ago

Seeing Ghost: Rite here Rite now tonight!!!

missdreamymimi 💀 24 days ago

Had to run a 5 minute walk in 2 minutes to get to the bus (luckily I made it in time)

missdreamymimi 🔥 24 days ago

Goths and summer days are NOT a good combination (I am melting)

missdreamymimi 😴 25 days ago

I take back what I said earlier, I feel wrecked.

missdreamymimi ☕️ 25 days ago

Not as tired as I thought I'd be today, tho that's most likely due to drinking a ridiculous amount of iced coffee...

missdreamymimi 😴 25 days ago

Instead of sleeping I cried to Kodou by Dir En Grey for most of last night