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Hello!1 My name is Milla!1 i'm into drawing, music, guitar, anime, and alt subcultures. i'm from NZ and Argentina.
Hola! mi nombre es Milla!! me gusta dibujar, la musica, la guitarra, el anime y las subculturas alternativas. soy de NZ y Argentina.


milla 🌧️ 33 days ago

i hate rainy days!!

milla ❤️ 82 days ago

i wish i wasnt too weird for anyone

milla 🤒 83 days ago

braces on friday...

milla 🌈 87 days ago

i LOVE my guitar!

milla 🌧️ 89 days ago

i feel like a dirtbag!!

milla 🌧️ 96 days ago

perdon, es mi forma de ser.

milla 🔥 106 days ago

i have found out my new hardest chord to play.

milla ☀️ 121 days ago

aaagh i wish summer holidays were 4ever

milla 🙂 127 days ago

tenants wrecked our house lol

milla ☀️ 160 days ago

rightnow, life is good

milla 💤 164 days ago

skools over finally some PEACE

milla 🙂 167 days ago

i wanna eat dough

milla 🙂 175 days ago

gettin back into nail polish like when i was 10, lol.

milla 👀 179 days ago

tf happened to the layout

milla 🥳 182 days ago

MY EXAMS ARE (almost) OVER!!1!11

milla 👀 185 days ago

frogot to change the stoopid emoji

milla 🙂 185 days ago

my head is crammed with eurpoean history

milla 👀 196 days ago

mob psycho 100 is so damn good

milla ☀️ 214 days ago

P.E. was actually fun 2day, lol

milla 📺 218 days ago

my new fav movie is White Chicks >:D

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