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milkbunnii 🙂 14 days ago

neopets addiction like its 2003 yay

milkbunnii 🙂 56 days ago

the irreparable damage pgotobuxket going paid did...........u_u

milkbunnii 🙂 88 days ago

chrome is just breaking every website for me now <3 thanx googl

milkbunnii 🙂 94 days ago

something broke on my site and i cant be bothered to fix it ho humm

milkbunnii 🤔 246 days ago

ppl asking what my inspiration is for xyz art like do you really want the "im a woman with mental illness" answer orrrr... lmfao

milkbunnii 💀 282 days ago

not dudes putting fetish content in my etsy reviews for no raisin 🤢

milkbunnii 👀 305 days ago

upside to getting my art ripped off: $$$ ??????

milkbunnii 🐶 311 days ago

living in sc is Hope you like dog hair in your food at any restaurant. Btw fuck you you look weird.

milkbunnii 🌈 312 days ago

it would be sooo cool if i could do like 1 physical activity without my nerve pain screaming at meee

milkbunnii 😡 348 days ago

people calling all kewpies 'sonny angels' makes me irrationally angry lmao put some respect on Ms Rose O'Neills name!!!