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Trying my best.


milkbbi ❤️ 6 days ago

it’s not goodbye sweet puppy dog. you will live in my heart forever.

milkbbi ☀️ 27 days ago

Woke up from a dream that I was drowning.

milkbbi 🎷 32 days ago

stank you smelly much

milkbbi 📚 44 days ago

Drinking coffee in the library, listening to the water fountain ( ⚯̫ )👍🏻

milkbbi 🌱 50 days ago

[12:48PM] Brandy singing “Almost Doesn’t Count” on the radio as I dip my baguette in spicy curry, sun shining on my head.

milkbbi 💡 56 days ago

What if i just… don’t 🤯

milkbbi 🤖 62 days ago

“When you wrap yourself in a highway strip, don’t expect any warmth from it”

milkbbi ❤️ 76 days ago

i ❤️ manatee

milkbbi 🤖 83 days ago

I’m putting giant stickaz on every building across the skyline & even the sun. Sticking over windows, the colors of my artwork shine thru.

milkbbi 🧐 101 days ago

“Can’t adult today,” I said begrudgingly.

milkbbi 😭 102 days ago

last night we drew pokemon from memory & I literally laughed the hardest I ever have in my life 💀

milkbbi 🧐 108 days ago

“I’m trying to be like Bayonetta, a strong baddie” - my bf

milkbbi 🌈 109 days ago

(^,^) HAPPY NEW YEAR (^,^)

milkbbi 💡 122 days ago

More Than Home, Less Than Three

milkbbi 🎶 124 days ago

see me~ see me~ bub~bl~ing~ qui~et~ly~~

milkbbi 🥹 130 days ago

[10:57 AM / 64F] Sitting in the Noguchi garden with my sketchbook, listening to the water fountain, drinking iced americano. Veryyyy nice🍃

milkbbi 😴 131 days ago

I have this dream where I don’t care about anything

milkbbi ❄️ 137 days ago

fluffy eyes

milkbbi ❄️ 141 days ago

[10:40 AM / 62F ] wearing UGGs, cargo & flannel.

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