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26 year old lesbo. He/they. Cool as fuck.


milfgod 🤔 250 days ago

Update: the MILF invited me over to her house, do yall think she likes me?

milfgod 🔥 254 days ago

Got a date with a MILF on Wednesday can I get some W's in the chat

milfgod 🌈 329 days ago

It's time I start romanticizing my life.

milfgod 💀 334 days ago

I think my old iPad has officially died.

milfgod 🥳 339 days ago

Happy (late) New Year!!!!

milfgod ❄️ 355 days ago

Drew Santa as a transmasc lesbian. Merry Christmas everybody

milfgod 🙃 360 days ago

I feel like I'm the black sheep no matter where I go

milfgod 😭 364 days ago

Working a 9 to 5 is so exhausting

milfgod 🥰 369 days ago

Thanks for a 100k+ views on my website wowee

milfgod ❄️ 370 days ago


milfgod 🥱 396 days ago

The shit going down on Twitter my Lord. Thank God for my site lol

milfgod 🤩 397 days ago

Going to a vaporwave show tonite!

milfgod 🍾 401 days ago

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

milfgod 🙃 407 days ago

Woooooowwwwwwwwwwwww ok

milfgod 🤩 411 days ago

Getting a "MILF$" tattoo on me leg

milfgod 😶 413 days ago

Ike has depression part 848156587

milfgod 😭 416 days ago

Almost got into a car accident today

milfgod 🤒 417 days ago


milfgod 🙃 418 days ago

Can I PLEASE stop having nightmares about losing my job

milfgod 😴 419 days ago

Work week finally over

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