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26 year old lesbo. He/they. Cool as fuck.


milfgod 🌈 335 days ago

My new Super Sonico figure is arriving on Thursday! >:3

milfgod 🌈 337 days ago

Back from my friends house, exhausted... X_X

milfgod 🌈 338 days ago

Just came back from KBBQ w/ a friend AND I have a party to go to tonite α••( ᐛ )α•—

milfgod 🌈 340 days ago

Working on developing a newsletter right now q*:β˜†(・ω・人・ω・)q:γ‚œβ˜†ο½‘

milfgod 🌈 341 days ago

They don't know behind this cute ass website, I'm actually kinda insane af (β™‘Β°β–½Β°β™‘)

milfgod 🌈 343 days ago

Trying to gain the courage to make some new OC worlds/pages...(οΏ£β–½οΏ£*)γ‚ž

milfgod 🌈 344 days ago

Let's do our best today

milfgod 🌈 344 days ago

Gave my homepage an big update and added a bunch of cute stickers and stamps! ( Β΄ β–½ ` ).qo♑

milfgod πŸ™ƒ 345 days ago

Neocities not cooperating just as soon as I figure out the scrollbar shit.

milfgod 🌈 345 days ago

I think I'm finally gonna try and tackle changing scrollbars on my site today! (*οΎ‰βˆ€`*)

milfgod 🌈 346 days ago

Designed a Care Bears tattoo I want to get

milfgod 🌈 347 days ago

Using my art talents for evil (drawing hot old ladies)

milfgod 🌈 349 days ago

Looking into Teacake

milfgod 🌈 350 days ago

Done adulting for the day. Time to watch the original Care Bears movie

milfgod 🌈 352 days ago

Watching Creamy Mami

milfgod ✏️ 353 days ago

Noticed there's a lot of empty space on my home page...gotta do something about that.

milfgod πŸ€’ 354 days ago

Called out of work today

milfgod 😑 355 days ago

I do not wanna work I wanna be kept by a rich MILF who is amused by my lesbian swag

milfgod πŸ₯± 356 days ago

Once again wishing I had the time and skills to make a whole fighting game

milfgod 😢 358 days ago

Having a personal website is more important than ever my God

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