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mhyk 🙂 24 days ago

graduation in 6 days

mhyk 🙂 31 days ago

$60 down the drain (from various sources not just ***)...

mhyk 🙂 35 days ago

playing knockturnMC again so fun

mhyk 🙂 37 days ago

theres no need to spin anymore

mhyk 🙂 39 days ago

hilariously violently suicidal. POS scum of the earth with delusion of purity and love

mhyk 🙂 47 days ago

life so boring lately apathetic to everything again

mhyk 🙂 49 days ago

im drowning in work right now but im also trying to slack off to read... i want to build a library again

mhyk 🙂 50 days ago


mhyk 🙂 53 days ago

There's joy in the mundane

mhyk 🙂 54 days ago

I feel that something is wrong

mhyk 🙃 62 days ago

Just waiting to die!!!

mhyk 🙂 65 days ago

are you sleeping through the summer

mhyk 📱 67 days ago

can you tell me everything im wrecking while i spin

mhyk 🙃 69 days ago

Independence (I want to know you)

mhyk 🙂 72 days ago

moved to nekoweb thinking abt what to do with neocities

mhyk 😂 89 days ago

im alive

mhyk ❤️ 103 days ago

SO MUCH HAS HAPPENENENDDDD im making a mahoyaku pmv though oz arthur...and tyler the creator (answer)

mhyk ❤️ 129 days ago

if you don't have a valentine today i just wanted to let you know that i'm better than you

mhyk 💔 131 days ago

2 days until the reckoning...

mhyk 🙂 136 days ago

i got into yumekuro. i really like the art

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